Spin Renewables

What is Spin Renewables?

Spin Renewables Ltd. is a 100% Canadian owned Company, focused on helping our customers meet their decarbonization goals, whether they be institutional or personal.

This decarbonization is achieved through a combination of wind and solar power, optimized for the specific location and tailored to the customers’ needs.

Spin Renewables’ founders come from the oilpatch, and have successfully grown companies where excellent customer service, product quality and ongoing support are essential for the success of the products.

Spin is will focus on Small to Mid Size Wind Generation (<500KW), as well as solar and hybrid packages, with generation either sold to the grid, used at the source or any combination of those.

Spin Renewables Ltd. is a 100% Canadian owned Company

Our overall goal is to:

Focus on Technology

Utilize the best possible technologies that achieve the best results based on our specific purposes, wind speeds and environment.

Focus on Long Term Value

Spin provides product sales & services over the entire lifespan of the asset. Ensures long lasting, steady power production, with less downtime.

Reduce Costs of Installation

Our proprietary design allows for rapid installation and removal and is based on specific conditions seen in the Canadian Prairies.

Reduce/Eliminate End of Life Footprint

Ensure that eventual abandonment and reclamation is less invasive and expensive as it currently is.

What’s next for Spin Renewables?

Stay tuned to what may come next, where we will be revealing our innovative products and services designed for the Canadian Prairies.

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